Copenhagen 1.0

I wouldn’t have ever guessed that I visit Copenhagen. It is definitely not one of my budget list countries or what so ever. But life gives us different opportunities and I like to take them. So the reason why I went to Copenhagen is that my friend moved there in 2015 to go to University to get her Master’s degree. She studies in Copenhagen Business School. For me it was once again an excellent way to travel without sleeping expenses. Way to go Helen! Money saved!

Anyways, another reason why I chose these dates to travelling (07.07.16-10.07.16) was Rihanna’s concert. Actually, I bought the ticket because The Weeknd, one of my favourites, was supposed to be the warm-up artist but he bailed on the whole Europe tour with Rihanna. If I already didn’t have my plane tickets, I probably would have sold my concert tickets and planned my trip on some other time.

So the first day. Arrived at Copenhagen airport at noon or so. The flight from Estonia was only like 1 hour and 15 minutes. We ate lunch at Burger King, we don’t have it in Estonia, but the prices were quite heavy for us eastern Europeans. The burger cost 59 krones and when I thought that I wanna buy a bottle of water I should have thought better. Bottle of water (still water!) cost 29 krones. My god, should have tasted like spring water, but that wasn’t the case.  Usually a McDonalds meal in Estonia costs 5 euros, a Burger King meal in Denmark costed about 10 euros.

Next off, stomach full from junk food, to Christiania. It was a very, very strange place for me, especially because I have never been to Amsterdam. To see people in ski masks selling weed and hash in the streets like it’s nothing. But we spent a lot more time there on the third day. So maybe I will write about it in the Day 3 post.

So we walked from Christiania to Street Food market. This was really cool, lots of different tastes to choose from. Lately, I am kinda into Asian food (noodles, chicken and some vegetables), so my choice was obvious. The prices were about 85-100 krones.

As the day went by, the concert time was approaching. We arrived at the Refshaloen concert place at 7 P.M. It was just about time to take a pee and find ourselves some sitting places. The queue to the toilet was way too long for me but not as long it was afterwards. Dj Mustard started to perform, he was the warm-up DJ. Next to perform was Big Sean. Kinda left me neutral, I knew some songs because they were all with some other more famous artist. Maybe I had these kind of feelings because I was still disappointed that The Weeknd ditched.

Rihanna started performing and she did old and new songs both. But for me she sang way too less. More liked danced to her songs. My friend who went to her concert in Stockholm, told that there wasn’t that kind of problem. Maybe Rihanna felt ill or the concert took place outside in Copenhagen, so the windy weather wasn’t very kind to her voice. Who knows.

Oh, and by the end of the day we had been walking 22000 steps and almost 14 km.

What I learned from day one:

  • Food prices and other living costs are quite high.
  • Everybody owns and rides a bicycle. One must have a cheap bicycle, so it will not be stolen.
  • Fancy cars have a car tax which is quite high as well.
  • Christiana is weird but very chill place.
  • Probably never going to a Rihanna concert again. In my opinion the 97 euros were not worth it.
  • The weather in Denmark is weird. One second it’s so hot you feel the need to take off all of your clothes and the next you want to put all of them on and wish you’d have taken another jacket with you. These pictures below are quite the example.




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