Valged ja nunnud karbid

Idea for storage boxes

If you choose a clothing storage instead of a regular closet then you should definitely think about how to storage your stuff dust and dirt free. This is how I decided to make some new storage boxes. I wanted something white, pretty and simple to make.

I was looking for white baskets, some transparent boxes, some boxes with ugly colors and patterns etc. All of them did not match my taste.

Finally I bought some boxes from Jysk store. One box cost about 4.99 € I think. They were beige with stripes and in a small package, so they needed to be put together. It wasn’t hard at all.

I used white paint, leftover wallpaper and PVA glue to make my boxes. The black handle and pins were part of the Jysk box set, so it was extra easy 🙂


I like the result very much.

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